Mandatory Tips For Buying A New Mattress For Your Bedroom


Just before you go shopping for a mattress, whether in an actual physical store or online, it would help to know of a few things  so that you can make a much more informed decision. The first and most important thing to do is to identify your budget. Even if you don’t plan on having a limited budget for the bigger and more important things in life, the pricier mattresses can easily cost you up to $1000 or more. This doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily a lot better compared to cheaper mattresses. Most of the time, the brand is easily what pushes the mattress to a price that’s somewhat absurd.

A good rule of thumb here would be to go for a mattress that doesn’t cost anything above $700. There are plenty of other high-end brands including Sleep Innovations that offer similar quality but less costly mattresses.

Do your measurements before buying a mattress

tuft-needle-mattress-king-sizeAlso, without having first doing the measurements for your bedroom, you shouldn’t proceed to purchase a mattress just because you don’t know exactly what size of mattress is possible to fit into your room. A king size mattress will be significantly larger compared to say, a double or a queen size bed. You’ll also have to make sure that it fits through the door of your house and your room. Watch out for the price though. Even the best king mattress does not cost more than $650 (Tuft & Needle comes into mind). You’ll be surprised at how large a king size bed can be if you’ve only been sleeping on a single bed.

While memory foam is certainly the preferred type these days, you might not find it suitable for you personally. A mattress that works well for one person does not mean that it has the ideal attributes for the next person.


I, for one, find it difficult to fall asleep on a memory foam mattress, despite all the excellent reviews that it has been getting from many users. This is because I’ve grown so used to sleeping on the bouncier spring mattresses that a sudden transition would take me weeks to get used to, which is something that I simply can’t afford to do right now. With a semi-hectic lifestyle, sacrificing precious sleep just to try and get used to a new mattress surface and texture just isn’t worth it for me. I’d very much prefer to stick to my innerspring mattress that only cost me about $250. And that’s one of the most expensive ones for its type.


Last but not least, if you’re planning on shopping in a retail shop, make sure the warranty and other minute details are printed out and prepared for you. There are plenty of unscrupulous resellers of mattresses that will omit details that won’t bind them to you. This is necessary because mattresses will come with defects from time to time, however rare they are. If that happens and you don’t have a proper return policy or warranty against defects, it can be a nightmare to deal with as a mattress simply isn’t cheap at all.