Home Décor Tips According to Professionals


We were speaking to a few interior designers lately and we were shocked when they told us that even they get stuck sometimes. It’s similar to a writer’s block where they do not how to progress next with a room or house that they are designing. Of course though, being the professionals that they are, they will break through that block and get on with the show.

We thought that it would be rather interesting to know what helps them get past that block. Here are their answers in detail. Happy reading!

1st Tip: Take a photograph of the rooms and living areas

bookshelf-tree-ideaThings always look different in photos. Just like when we are viewing magazines, our eyes become more focused and trained to little details. Therefore if you are stuck decorating a certain room, just take photographs of it in sections and lay the photos down side by side. Make a cup of tea and slowly go through the photos while analyzing what can be tweaked. You will notice that you are slightly more objective when viewing a photograph as opposed to seeing the room in real life where your eyes might skim over the little details.

2nd Tip: Choose a color that runs throughout every room to facilitate cohesion of design

If your house has many rooms, you may get tempted to design each room with its own theme. It is important to remember however that a house which has a cohesive design is more appealing. You can do this by ensuring that there is one color that is featured in every room. The color does not have to be the exact same shade in every room. As long as it is from the same color family, that should be sufficient. For example, you may want to use sky blue for the living room and dark blue in the bedrooms. These two different shades of blue will bring harmonization to the entire house.

3rd Tip: Incorporate flowers and plants where possible

flower-pot-sepiaA fresh bouquet of flowers on the dining table or on the mantel piece in the living room can instantly brighten up the area and bring cheer to an otherwise gloomy room. However, we do not deny that having a fresh bouquet of flower brought in every other day will be pretty expensive. What you can do is to buy the flowers in bulk. Choose inexpensive flowers such as carnations and daisies. Pick out a few and set them in a jar while refrigerating the rest. This will greatly impact the look of your home without hurting your wallet.

Alternatively, you can place terrariums in your house. Choose plants which do not require much upkeep and they will grow beautifully in the terrarium at no additional weekly cost. Cactuses are a good choice as they do not require much watering. Just a few sprays of water per week is enough to keep them green.

4th Tip: Feature souvenirs from your travels in a collection

When decorating your home with souvenirs from your travels, ensure that you feature them in a collection. They will otherwise lose their importance and appear more as clutter in your home. Control yourself and only select a few souvenirs which are important to you. Always remember that less is more when it comes to decorating with knick knacks.

5th Tip: Incorporate a feature wall

wooden-sliding-doorThe experts who we have spoken to cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a feature wall. A feature wall is one which is the focal point of every room. The other walls can be painted a neutral color; however, the feature wall should be graphic. You can use wallpaper or textured paint to bring out the design of the feature wall and make it pop.