These Four Pillows Will Bring Your Bedroom Straight To The 21st Century


Think about the last futuristic sci-fi movie you watched. Flying cars, holographic interfaces, teleportation perhaps, interstellar travel, a personalized AI assistant for your home; you name it, and Hollywood has already thought of it. Yet, think about any scenes in those movies set in the bedrooms and you will recall that the bed and the pillows seem almost quaint by comparison. Sci-fi aside, there is no denying that pillows have largely remained the same since Cleopatra, with the latest technology being gel memory foam; hardly revolutionary.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing pillows at all; I wouldn’t be able to function without my side sleeper pillow but at the end of the day it’s still just a basic pillow. Which brings me to my next point: are there any pillows made specifically for side sleepers? Why the question? Well, modern studies have shown that most people sleep on their sides, with only a handful who sleep on their backs. With that said, I highly recommend this superb pillow for side sleepers. If you aren’t sleeping on your sides already, perhaps you should try it. It’s simply a more comfortable sleeping position and we subconsciously do it even if we fall asleep first on our backs.

However, innovation is everywhere in the modern age and some intrepid innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs have really cracked their skulls in trying to fuse 21st century technology with the basic pillow. Let’s take a look at some of the designs and concepts they have come up with.

  1. Pillows With a Pulse – Hippies and New-Agers everywhere rejoice! Now you too can feel ‘connected’ to Gaia, Mother Nature, or the Universe or whatever even while you sleep! The My Beating Heart pillow is a heart-shaped pillow which comes with its own pulsating heartbeat; and not just any simple staccato heartbeat either, but one that is supposed to model the rhythm of a human’s heartbeat when in a deep meditative state. And don’t expect the same rhythm twice either; each time you switch it on, a new rhythm is created, although the effect may be so subtle and gradual that you may find it difficult to notice. In any case, this pillow would be a great relaxation tool, perfect for naps, and children may especially love it as it may remind them of being in the warm embrace of their mother.
  1. Nokia Lumia 920 Wireless Recharging Pillow – This pillow is brought to you by collaboration between Nokia and Fatboy (a company best known for its large and colorful lounge pillows). Simply place your Nokia Lumia 920 on this tablet-sized pillow and voila! Like magic, your phone’s battery charge starts to mysteriously increase. While this pillow was designed specifically for the Nokia Lumia 920, it should work with any phone that uses the Qi platform. The pillow itself comes with a ‘cube’ that needs to remain plugged in as a power source, however you can simply your phone on top of the pillow to charge it; no plugging in required. Here’s to hoping similar technology comes out for Apple and Android phones soon!
  1. The MuSpace Music Pillow – You may have heard of pillows that come equipped with built-in speakers, which can be used to listen to soothing music when sleeping, or that connects to your TV so you can enjoy the experience without waking your partner. Well, the MuSpace Music Pillow takes this concept to the next level by introducing portability. This portable music pillow is not even shaped like a regular pillow but more like a sci-fi helmet with a pillow on the inside and speakers in the helmet’s walls. Think of it as a ‘sleep pod’ but only for your head. The device is compatible with memory cards and USBs, and comes with earplugs too. Its designers envisioned it as a space-efficient way for office workers to catch quick power naps during working hours.
  1. air-purifying-cellular-pillowThe Air Purifying Cellular Pillow – Who wants to breathe in nasty air while sleeping? Especially if you are prone to allergies, the choice of pillow you use can be very important. Did you know that as much as a third of an old pillow’s weight can be nothing but dead skin cells, dust mites, and dust mite droppings? Gross. Well, this pillow doubles as an air filtration system; it is made of many cell containers with aloe cells, which cleanse microbes and release oxygen. The use of aloe is not surprising; the plant itself has been widely used indoors as a natural air purification method. In fact, NASA did a study of air-filtering plants in 1989 (known as the NASA Clean Air Study) and found that the aloe vera plant was able to remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

While some might be surprised at the level of innovation found in some of these pillows, on a personal level, I am actually more shocked that they are not more mainstream given that we live in the digital age after all. While some seem quite superfluous, there is no doubt that in time, technology-integrated pillows will soon catch on.