Three Party Games That Will Make Your Birthday Party At Home Insanely Fun!


Birthday parties truly change as we get older and become so-called mature and productive members of society. When we were kids, birthday parties were the coolest thing ever (unless you were a sad loner with no friends, of course), and growing older was something to be celebrated! One step closer to being a big boy or girl. Not to mention all the fun things you had at your birthday party: cake, candy, friends, balloons, clowns (not popular at all now!), magic etc.

birthday cakeAs we enter adulthood, and past the legal drinking age of 21, birthdays totally lost their cool. You got older every year, sure, but now instead of celebrating getting older, you just feel morose at being one step further from the days of your youth and one step closer to death and decay. Most adults (especially women), don’t even put the corresponding number of candles on their birthday cake! Still, for those adults who still know how to have fun and celebrate, the question arises: just what do you do for your birthday celebration? Especially if you’re throwing a house party; unlike when you were six, running around the house screaming and yelling hardly seems appropriate while just having a simple catered meal, booze, and cake, which while common, can also be pretty boring.

Fortunately, even though you’re an adult, you can still have age-appropriate party games that can really engage the crowd and break the ice. Can’t think of any at the moment? No worries, because that’s what this article is for. Read on for three great adult party games ideas. You can also check out these party games for adults which are the best to play at any party. They are hilarious and extremely fun!


Two Truths and a Lie Game

This is a great game for getting to know all the party members without having it resemble a boring business networking event. No exchanging of business cards allowed! This game also requires no props; just a willing crowd. The game is simple, you simply gather as many people as possible in a circle or around the largest table in your house, and everybody takes turns telling three things about themselves, with two of those things being true and one of them being false. The rest of the participants then have to guess which one of those three ‘facts’ is the lie. This is a great ice breaker because it forces the participants to focus intently on each other in order to spot the lie, and at the end of the game, everyone really feels like they know each other intimately. Serve alcohol liberally to really loosen everybody up and get the really juicy facts flowing (this game can get pretty risqué!)


Celebrity Name Game

We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture, no doubt about that. This game is a great way for everybody to showcase their celebrity knowledge (or lack of). Just like the game above, this one also only requires a willing audience and preferably some (or a lot) of booze. The premise is simple; one person starts with the name of a celebrity, both the first and last name. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The next person must now use the last name of the previous celebrity mentioned to come up with their own celebrity name, with the last name matching the first. So he or she might then say Sheldon Cooper. Then the next person may say Christian Bale. And so on and so forth. To make the game even more challenging, set time limits on each participant, ideally not more than 10 seconds. If a player misses the time limit, they have to take a drink.


Press Conference Game

Just by the title alone you can tell it’s a game for adults! No kids will every want to play this game. Despite its turgid and boring title, this game is much more fun than it sounds, we promise. It actually requires a pretty high degree of creativity and confidence, so if you have a pretty shy or laid back crowd, this might not be the most ideal game to play. It works like this: one person is sent to another room while the remaining players choose an identity: it can be a real celebrity identity, such as Donald Trump or just a unique random situation for example, a man who just survived a chimpanzee attack.  Get creative. Once the person returns, they would hold a fictional press conference with the players asking strategic questions designed to give clues to the identity they had chosen for him or her. After a set time period or number of questions, the person must guess his or her own identity.